Clarify roles and responsibilities for key processes, decision and projects.

The Ownership Grid will help you clarify the roles and responsibilities within key decisions/processes/projects you own as a leader-manager, or that you play a role in, while taking into consideration the needs of other stakeholders.

The acronym that illustrates the roles in an Ownership Grid is called OBIWAN:

O: The person who OWNS the process, decision or project and therefore will accept that he or she is accountable for:

B: Those whose BUY-IN is required and will actively show support for the process, decisions or project

I: Those who should be consulted so that their INPUT and expertise is considered

W: Those who must do whatever WORK is required to supply data, recommendations, documentable analysis, processing

A: People who should be ADVISED before processes/reports are changed or when decisions/actions are taken

N: Those who are NOT INVOLVED

Here’s an example of an Ownership Grid at Company ABC:

How to establish your O-Grid

  1. Download the O-Grid Template
  2. Write down the components of the process, decision, or project in the 1st column
  3. Write names of people involved along the top
  4. Each componenet of the process, decision or project - assign a letter of OBIWAN to each name. Remmber, the O (ownership) should only be assigned to 1 person
  5. Distribute the O-Grid to those people identified
  6. Have a meeting to walk through the O-grid, allowing people to negotiate and reason why they should have different designations of the OBIWAN
  7. Agree up on the designations
  8. Use & Reference the O-Grid when required

Download the O-Grid template (.xlsx)