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The Emerson Suite has been very effective in accelerating our ability to accomplish our objectives. It gives us clarity on whether we are doing the right things, and whether we are achieving them fast enough. Garnet Lasby, President, Massilly NA

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Introducing The Emerson Suite

Powerful tools, a proven process and training on how to manage more effectively.

Powerful Management Tools

Engage your team and embed the habits of effective management.

Proven Management Process

We guide you on a journey with a clear roadmap to navigate management challenges with ease.

Delivery Model

A framework designed for you

Training aligned with your business cycle

On the job application

Regular check-in to ensure progress

It's time to address the pains teams and organizations face every day
Ineffective Companies
  • Unclear strategy and direction
  • People focused on the wrong things
  • Conflict is rampant
  • Most managers don’t know how to manage
Effective Companies
  • Aligned teams
  • A Focus on the right things
  • Accountable execution
  • Elevated engagement and management skills
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Our results-based approach is a combination of the MBO concepts of Peter Drucker , our proprietary IP of Dr. Bill Reddin’s systemic methodology of “outputs”, and Doug Emerson’s 45+ years of experience helping leaders and organizations succeed all over the world.

Peter Drucker

Father of modern management

Bill Reddin

Inventor of 3D Theory of Managerial Effectiveness

Doug Emerson

Simplified effectiveness model with implementation tools

Build your organization’s future bench strengths
by developing exceptional people managers of today.

Essential management skills are taught and reinforced through
an ongoing process of application, learning and adaptation:

Communication & Influence

Role Clarity & Smart Objectives

Prioritization & Accountability

Giving & Receving Feedback

Time Management & Meeting Effectivenss

Meeting Facilitation & Quality Decision Making

Join 1000’s of other leader-managers….
Companies, industries, countries

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60 seconds
with Doug

Great leaders have the courage to reject the status quo by alling out what’s holding back progress, loud and clear.

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