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The Emerson Suite has been very effective in accelerating our ability to accomplish our objectives. It gives us clarity on whether we are doing the right things, and whether we are achieving them fast enough. Garnet Lasby, President, Massilly North America

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Powerful tools, a proven process and training on how to manage more effectively.

Engage your team and embed the habits of effective management.

Put Strategy into Action

With powerful tools that focus teams on doing the right things at all times.

OKRs, KPIs, SMART Objectives


Job Effectiveness Plans

Set SMART objectives that measure your results and track the performance of your team. Use action plans to make sure everyone is working on the right things.



Weekly Top 5

A dashboard that helps your team prioritize deliverables to track each day.

Get everyone on the same page, collaborating to achieve maximum results that matter most.

Situational Managemenent


3D Management Styles Model

The 3D Management Styles Model helps Leader-Managers increase their self-awareness and learn how to expand and adapt their behavior to manage effectively in any situation.

Role Clarity


Ownership Grid

Clear accountability leads to seamless team collaboration and successful execution.

Effective Meetings


Meeting Designer

A step-by-step process to help you plan and run more efficient meetings with purpose and results.

Tap into the management style that is most appropriate for every meeting you lead.



60 seconds
with Doug Emerson

Great leaders have the courage to reject the status quo by calling out what’s holding back progress, loud and clear.

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Here’s what management gurus have preached for decades, distilled into 5 simple rules – rules that can be learned and are proven to work. It fits well with our award-winning GettingItDone® course at the Rotman School of Management.

Highly recommended for any emergent or seasoned leader-manager who aspires to lead with impact and manage for results.

Brendan Calder, Professor of Management and Corporate Director

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